Majd G

Taking the CFA course with Gurmeet helped me immensely and ultimately contributed to my overall understanding of CFA Level 3 material. I enjoyed how he had set up his course, using direct discussion and exercises to help students learn and understand concepts through application. Amazing course, great instructor and he was super efficient with our time, but also allowed us to ask questions and stay on a topic until we were completely comfortable with it.

I was able to use my studying hours more efficiently and focus on application because of his teachings, which also meant I could get through the massive loads of material faster thanks to Gurmeet’s teaching style. Gurmeet was also always available, so if I was studying and had a question I could shoot off an email and get a response while still in the mindset of that question I was working on. He checked in and followed up to ask about any questions or items I was struggling with – Gurmeet genuinely cared about my progress and helping me to pass the CFA exam.

Overall, I learned so much from him and his teaching style, which ultimately lead to my success in passing the Level 3.

Thanks Gurmeet!”