CFA Level III Class

The Program

Weekly essay submissions begin right in the first weekend of class (Candidates have to complete an official essay exam question – marking will begin with Study Session 12 – Reading 24 – Institutional Section).  Candidates will receive in-depth feedback.  Candidates will continue to submit Institutional section exams for 5 successive weeks incorporating the previous weeks feedback.  The condensed class notes allow the candidate to study thru application rather then passive reading focusing on the official CFAI texts blue box examples (BB questions), end of chapter questions (EOC), exhibits and graphs.  Unlike level 1 and level 2, focusing only on the official curriculum is key to success.


Features & Benefits

  • Personalized marking is the most unique aspect of the course.
    • Marking is in-depth and provides lengthy responses (does not consist of just returning your essay with a final grade). Often the candidates answers may be correct but feedback is still provided if a better solution is optimal.
  • Focus is on the official CFAI curriculum and questions.
    • Candidates will be focusing on application to questions rather then passive learning.  The cycles consists of reading the first LOS with the class condensed notes –> Complete relevant EOC and BB questions –> Re-read the same LOS having now completed the questions to fully understand deeper concepts –> Move to next LOS.
  • In depth D3 full exams by topics including derivatives, FI, economics, asset allocation, trading, institutional, behavioral and trading/performance.
  • Same day responses (usually within a couple hours) and progress calls throughout year.
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Deep 3 CFA Program

CFA Level III Class
Instructor: Gurmeet Gill

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What you will get from this program

Easy to navigate EOC and BB Questions

Rather than reading an entire set of LOS’s and then completing relevant questions, the questions have been sorted so that candidates complete all relevant questions after reading a specific LOS.  Application — Application — Application.

In Depth Essay Marking

Right from week 1, we will jump right into having the essays marked.  Writing a properly structured essay takes a significant amount of time. We begin building a foundation for essays and continue to refine/strengthen this foundation week after week.

Retention on Exam Day

The CFA curriculum is very lengthy and focuses on breadth more so than in-depth topics.  A big component of “Trusting the Process” is following the outline given in class.  There’s no point in mastering a topic in November and having to re-learn the subject 6-7 months down the road.  We continually focus on retaining material on a weekly basis to activate the long-term memory of the cortex.  Unlike previous levels of the exam, candidates will know the entire curriculum well (no skipping – no chances on exam day).

Simplify the Complicated

Although the exam is breadth focused, at times the material delves deep into specific topics that are complicated.  Through the notes, animated videos and personal support we will simplify the complicated thru steps.  Working with retakers, I have identified key problem areas from candidates.  We attach these questions with a step by step approach as if the candidate has no financial mathematics background.  Candidates often spend hours trying to understand complex concepts thinking this is the type of critical thinking needed on exam day.  This is not true, we need to use our time efficiently and we need to be able to apply the concepts on exam day  — not to be able to solve complex theorems.

Additional Information

Course Materials

The candidate will be provided with full class notes, animated videos and all relevant questions.

  • It is highly recommended to purchase the hard copies of the Official CFAI Level III curriculum (compared to only the soft copy online).   These books contain very important EOC and BB questions.
  • Study session video compilations graphically designed are available for candidates.  The video series aids with simplifying the most difficult areas.
About Deep 3 and Gurmeet Gill

Along with teaching actuarial exams, CFA exams, DAT and MCAT, I am an avid math junkie involved in mathematical research with universities throughout Ontario, Canada.  I’ve worked in the New York area as an actuary and lived in London, United Kingdom working on consolidating the actuarial exam process between the actuarial governing bodies.  Everything always brought me back to teaching and working with candidates pursuing their own academic and career paths.

Basketball is a passion of mine and a helpful stress release. I would always jump to the basketball court when I was experiencing moments of anxiety when studying to write any of the numerous exams I have. I still go play ball when life seems too stressful or I need a break. That’s where the inspiration for the name Deep 3 drew from – my love of basketball.  Below you can watch a “Deep 3” I hit at the Air Canada Center – Home of the 2019 NBA Champs “Toronto Raptors” (It’ll happen!)

Harmonize your various passions to further inspire each — to truly see them come to life.

Payment & Refund Policy


All payments are in USD.  Canadian candidates can contact Deep 3 directly to pay in CAD funds to avoid exchange fees.

Refund Policy

Cancellations received prior to class notes being sent out will be refunded the entire tuition.  Cancellations received after the texts have been sent out will be refunded the entire tuition less $250 to cover shipping, payment fees and book costs.

Cancellation can be obtained with written consent to

If any candidate that is deemed to be acting disruptive or disrespectful may be dismissed at the discretion of instructor.

What Our Candidates Say

I urge all CFA Level 3 candidates to try this process, and give Gurmeet a shot. Make no mistake - this is a hard exam. But it is made much easier with Gurmeet's know-how and attention to your specific needs and weaknesses, so that you can be setup for success. Once you give Gurmeet and his process a shot, you'll see right away - as I did - that it just makes sense. I can confidently say that I wouldn't have been able to pass without him.

Daniel Perlin

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