Why does Deep 3 primarily work with re-takers who have failed using other study methods?

Candidates who are re-takers listen! Candidates who are sitting for level 3 for the first time are less open to change and tend to stick to their previous study strategies. Unfortunately, this often leads to an unsuccessful result. CFA Level 3 is a unique exam where we need to employ a different strategy compared to level 1 and level 2.  Working through exam banks from third party providers is the smart choice for the first two levels but NOT CFA Level 3.  I truly believe any candidate who passes CFA Level 2 can pass CFA Level 3 but adjustments to our strategy must be implemented.

In summary, re-takers are more willing to “Trust the process,” and deviate from their past strategies which prove to be ineffective for Level 3.  From one class alone, candidates are encouraged to note the difference in their previous attempts to learn the material versus how they are learning now.  With this process, candidates begin to build confidence. To further build confidence, I connect candidates to past re-takers who passed by trusting the process.

The experience of failing only makes passing CFA Level 3 that much sweeter!