Why does Deep 3 primarily work with re-takers who have failed using other study methods?

Over the years I’ve refined the CFA Level 3 course material by working solely with re-takers and addressing the questions they most commonly have.  While developing this material I’ve developed a  soft spot for re-takers and genuinely enjoyed the relationships we’ve developed while working on this material and helping them to truly understand the material.  Candidates continually ask me questions similar such as, ”have you helped a candidate who is Band 2 and failed multiple times?” and the answer is a definitive “Yes”.  I truly believe any candidate who can pass CFA Level 2 can pass CFA Level 3 but that a deeper study strategy is required.  Through the Deep 3 process I’ve seen this first-hand  year after year with very high pass rates.

Along with having a soft spot for re-takers, I’ve noticed re-takers are more willing to, “Trust the Process,” and deviate from Level 1 and Level 2 strategies which prove to be ineffective for Level 3.  Within the first week of attending class, candidates begin to build confidence by noting the difference in their previous attempts to learn the material versus how they have learned and now understood the material from just one class.  First-time CFA Level 3 takers may at times take the class for granted not realizing how difficult the concepts are to grasp because they have been simplified by me.  For first-time candidates who do sign-up for this program and attend class,  I would encourage them to reach out to the re-takers in class to appreciate how the material has been simplified.

Passing CFA Level 3 having dealt with the adversity of failure is that much sweeter!