How does Deep 3’s material differ from the competitors?

Unlike competitors, at Deep 3 the material has been written solely by one author allowing for a cohesive presentation and a fluid course.  With several instructors or authors, the continuity of various topics is lost where as since I have developed all the material for CFA Level III, I am able to develop it efficiently and effectively all while keeping the continuity.  How else does it differ at Deep 3?

  • Limited class sizes are ensured to provide on-call access by phone or email.
  • In-depth essay feedback to candidates on a weekly basis.
    • With one instructor marking all essays, it’s easy to identify any problem areas with the essay and quickly work on this with candidates.
  • We only work with the official CFAI curriculum’s blue box and end of chapter questions.  Unlike CFA Level 1 and Level 2 where an exam bank of questions from other providers is beneficial, for CFA Level 3, it is imperative the candidate attacks the official curriculum.
  • Unlike other providers we don’t skim material to reduce video time and attack the ENTIRE curriculum.  The class notes are effectively detailed and in-depth to efficiently complete all blue box and end of chapter questions.