How is the course laid out and what is the focus?

Trusting the process consists of several interconnected strategies beginning from week one.  We continually focus on retention as a weekly basis to activate the long-term memory of the cortex.  Unlike previous levels of the exam, candidates will know the entire curriculum well – not skipping anything means less risk on exam day).  To go over the entire curriculum, we work on building a foundation and continually coming back to further strengthen these ideas.  There’s no point in mastering one topic in November, leaving it and then re-learning it in April.  This is a very difficult task to do with other providers or independently but with Deep 3 laying out the course, your job is only to “Trust the Process,”  learn and review.

Will you have time for individual candidates?

This question is most commonly asked.  I quickly identify candidates problems due to the weekly essay marking.  In the past, I’ve pulled candidates aside and spent hours of one-on-one time to resolve any issues.  My goal is to simplify the complicated and then take the necessary time until the candidate fully understands.

Aside from personally identifying any problem areas for candidates, I quickly respond to candidates when they have issues during studying.  I encourage you to reach out to past candidates and they will confirm that I respond within hours and with helpful information to help solve their obstacle