Soo, I've heard there is an essay on level 3 -- is this true?

Yes, there is an essay.  Since many of my candidates are re-takers, learning how to properly write and answer essay questions is an important piece of the puzzle to tackle. I help develop this skill by:

  • Implementing mock exam questions right from week one
  • Providing candidates in-depth responses to their essays on a weekly basis, including tips on efficiency and techniques.
  • The goal is two-fold:
    1. Get near perfect on essay questions.
    2. Develop an efficient essay approach to save time.
  • Only through weekly essay submissions can candidates build a foundation and continue to strengthen it.

How does level 3 differ from level 1 and level 2?

There’s a significant advantage for candidates to seek out assistance for CFA Level 3 compared to levels 1 and 2.  A large exam bank of questions without any on-call instructor access or personalized feedback is enough for most candidates taking CFA Level 1 and 2.

CFA Level 3 is a unique exam where professional guidance will allow a candidate to hold a substantial comparative advantage over those candidates studying on their own.  This is evident in those candidates who have been very successful in the past with  writing exams  to candidates who struggled to pass CFA Level 2.  I primarily work with re-takers who have failed using other strategies but have seen the entire spectrum of candidates effectively pass this exam employing Deep 3’s personalized guidance and strategies.