Why does Deep 3 primarily work with re-takers who have failed using other study methods?

Candidates who are re-takers listen! Candidates who are sitting for level 3 for the first time are less open to change and tend to stick to their previous study strategies. Unfortunately, this often leads to an unsuccessful result. CFA Level 3 is a unique exam where we need to employ a different strategy compared to level 1 and level 2.  Working through exam banks from third party providers is the smart choice for the first two levels but NOT CFA Level 3.  I truly believe any candidate who passes CFA Level 2 can pass CFA Level 3 but adjustments to our strategy must be implemented.

In summary, re-takers are more willing to “Trust the process,” and deviate from their past strategies which prove to be ineffective for Level 3.  From one class alone, candidates are encouraged to note the difference in their previous attempts to learn the material versus how they are learning now.  With this process, candidates begin to build confidence. To further build confidence, I connect candidates to past re-takers who passed by trusting the process.

The experience of failing only makes passing CFA Level 3 that much sweeter!


Why choose Deep 3?

  • Candidates are offered an extended trial period from day one allowing CFA candidates to really see if this course is exceptional. This is more than other prep course will allow.  Choosing a prep provider is an important decision for CFA Level III and my goal is to minimize this additional stress.  I could only afford to offer this extended trial incentive if this course was truly unique.
  • By extended period, I mean two-months and not a few days as most prep providers do.  Not only this, you will have access to all the material as a student.  There is yet to be a single student to enroll in this class and then later decide it is not for them.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving this course a try.

I offer these incentives because I have the utmost confidence in this course due to the success and positive feedback from past candidates.  Does any prep provider offer this level of confidence in their program?

How does Deep 3's material differ from the competitors?

Unlike competitors, at Deep 3 the material has been written solely by one author allowing for a cohesive presentation and a fluid course.  With several instructors or authors, the continuity of various topics is lost where as since I have developed all the material for CFA Level III, I am able to develop it efficiently and effectively all while keeping the continuity.  How else does it differ at Deep 3?

  • Limited class sizes are ensured to provide on-call access by phone or email.
  • In-depth essay feedback to candidates on a weekly basis.
    • With one instructor marking all essays, it’s easy to identify any problem areas with the essay and quickly work on this with candidates.
  • We only work with the official CFAI curriculum’s blue box and end of chapter questions.  Unlike CFA Level 1 and Level 2 where an exam bank of questions from other providers is beneficial, for CFA Level 3, it is imperative the candidate attacks the official curriculum.
  • Unlike other providers we don’t skim material to reduce video time and attack the ENTIRE curriculum.  The class notes are effectively detailed and in-depth to efficiently complete all blue box and end of chapter questions.