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What Our Candidates Say

I urge all CFA Level 3 candidates to try this process, and give Gurmeet a shot. Make no mistake - this is a hard exam. But it is made much easier with Gurmeet's know-how and attention to your specific needs and weaknesses, so that you can be setup for success. Once you give Gurmeet and his process a shot, you'll see right away - as I did - that it just makes sense. I can confidently say that I wouldn't have been able to pass without him.

Daniel Perlin

Even though I wasn’t sure about continuing, I went ahead and submitted to receive more information about his program. He called me that night and we had a long talk; I decided to give it one more try. Throughout the program Gurmeet really honed in on the key concepts, he helped me to see the areas where my constructed responses needed to be improved, and he quickly responded to all my questions. He kept saying ‘trust the process’….and he was right! 

Shazia Dawood

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