The Deep 3 CFA Advantage

What Our Candidates Say

I urge all CFA Level 3 candidates to try this process, and give Gurmeet a shot. Make no mistake - this is a hard exam. But it is made much easier with Gurmeet's know-how and attention to your specific needs and weaknesses, so that you can be setup for success. Once you give Gurmeet and his process a shot, you'll see right away - as I did - that it just makes sense. I can confidently say that I wouldn't have been able to pass without him.

Daniel Perlin

I come from an engineering background with strong quant skills, I could not pass in my previous 2 attempts with mid-tier bands. Within the first 3 weeks of Gurmeet's classes, I felt a significant qualitative leap in my understanding of the heavy weight topics like Individual and Institutional Portfolio management and Behavioral Finance...

Viral M

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